Sailor Moon Classic volume 5 + new download links and layout

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’ve been super busy, but I’d like to present Studio Chikashitsu’s Sailor Moon volume 5!
Also, you may have noticed we have a new layout 🙂 I like this one better than the old one because it’s a lot more simple, and you get to view the entire post as opposed to a little preview blurb on the main page.
I’d like to mention that we have a new file host and over the course of the next few weeks, I will be replacing the links in the Episode Downloads page with our new direct download links, courtesy of Miss Dream and MarioKnight! The direct link video files have been archived into .rar files though, so you will need to unarchive them with a program like WinRAR before viewing the videos. With the new host, the links will be up 24/7 and I will not be rotating them every 2 weeks because, to be honest, that was a hassle.

Sailor Moon volume 5 contains episodes 17-20, assorted clips from season 1, as well as Japanese Seiyuu Interview (pt. 2).

English subtitles by Studio Chikashitsu
Source: VHS
Video: 640×480 XviD ~1200kb/s
Audio: MP3 VBR ~128kb/s

TorrentDirect Download


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