Playlists for each volume

Browsing through some web archives of Sailor Moon distro site that are long gone, I remembered that during the days where the RealMedia videos were being circulated, each episode was split into 2. For example, Sailor Stars episode 184 would consist of 2 files up for download: star184a.rm and star184b.rm as well as a third PLAYLIST file star_184.rm. This playlist file was only a few kilobytes big and allowed for seamless transition and continuous playback between parts 1 and 2 of each episode.

So this got me thinking and I’ve decided to create playlists for each volume of Sailor Moon that I’m offering. The main reason behind it is the filenaming system I’ve chosen doesn’t really tell you the order each clip is presented on the actual VHS tape, and I want you to be able to view each volume as it was meant to be viewed (if you so choose). So each playlist has been created in accordance to the fansub group’s VHS ordering of tape credits, episodes, omake, etc. They are in .pls format which should be able to be opened in any recent video player.


  • Download all .avi video files for each volume and place them in one folder.
  • DO NOT rename the video files.
  • Download the .pls playlist file and save in the same folder as the corresponding .avi files for each volume.
  • Open the .pls file with your favorite video player and enjoy! 🙂

Playlist files are available for download under the Episode Downloads section of the site. They will be included in the torrents as well, starting with Sailor Moon volume 6.


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