Sailor Moon R volume 8

More updates!! I’m proud to present Sailor Moon R volume 8 fansubbed by VKLL!

I just made a post earlier about upgrading to higher quality encodes, but I need to know if you all will be able to play it in the new format if I decide to change the way I encode the episodes!! I’m planning on using 10-bit H264 video and AAC audio, so head on over to my last post and download the video sample, and check the quality.  If you see any big megablocks, weird coloring, or any strange noise in the video, you probably don’t have the codecs installed properly. You will most likely need to go to and get the newest beta version of CCCP.

Please leave comments regarding the sample video clip’s quality or if you’re having playback issues!
Last but not least, don’t forget to DONATE so I can keep improving the quality of the VHS rips with a better VCR that stabilizes the video image! Click here for more details

Sailor Moon R volume 8 contains episodes 76-78

English subtitles by VKLL
Source: VHS
Video: 640×480 XviD ~1200kb/s
Audio: MP3 VBR ~128kb/s

TorrentDirect Download

076 077 078

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