March Round-up!

So March has officially ended, and we have finished releasing all of Sailor Moon SuperS Episodes 128-166 as well as Sailor Stars Episodes 167-182!! How exciting is that?? We are just about halfway done with the final season of Sailor Moon, and I wish I had more time to encode in these past few weeks (otherwise we probably would have finished the entire season by now) but I’ve been super busy with life, and also my disk space is running dangerously low, making me unable to capture the rest of the tapes!!

If you guys would like to donate so I can afford an external harddrive, that would be greatly appreciated!!

PS – I’m working on a secret side-project with Sailor Moon Center
(=゜ω゜)人(゜ω゜=) so stay tuned for that!

And remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates! ゛☆⌒o(*^ー゜) オッケー♪


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