Sailor Moon Movies by VKLL

SURPRISE~!@@~** We’re back ๐Ÿ˜€

Sorry it took so long, I’ve been super duper busy but I have great news! I’ve transferred all 3 tapes of the movies subbed by VKLL and they’re up for download. I have yet to scan the case insert, face label, and spine label, but once I have done that for the tapes, they will be put on torrent for you guys to grab.

Also, I’ve finished re-doing all of Sailor Stars and they are currently uploading to the server. I’ve also finished re-doing half of SuperS. More updates on those later ๐Ÿ˜‰

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[VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_R_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[0E26F26D].mp4_snapshot_00.03.14_[2014.02.05_22.16.04]ย [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_R_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[0E26F26D].mp4_snapshot_00.33.22_[2014.02.05_22.17.36]ย [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_R_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[0E26F26D].mp4_snapshot_00.59.31_[2014.02.05_22.19.13]ย [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_S_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[F235B300].mp4_snapshot_00.05.44_[2014.02.05_22.19.41] [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_S_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[F235B300].mp4_snapshot_00.21.31_[2014.02.05_22.20.15] [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_S_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[F235B300].mp4_snapshot_00.52.41_[2014.02.05_22.21.09]ย [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_SuperS_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[74A72826].mp4_snapshot_00.10.26_[2014.02.05_22.11.39] [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_SuperS_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[74A72826].mp4_snapshot_00.46.40_[2014.02.05_22.13.32] [VKLL]_Sailor_Moon_SuperS_The_Movie_(VHS_H264_AAC)_[74A72826].mp4_snapshot_00.58.24_[2014.02.05_22.14.03]

3 responses to “Sailor Moon Movies by VKLL”

  1. Please seed videos ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hello! Just wanted to let you know the download links for the VKLL fansubs don’t seem to be working :\


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