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Sailor Moon Volumes 1-12

Hello everybody! It’s a wonderful Monday because today I give you the complete classic season of Sailor Moon! It’s true that I have been withholding these episodes from you 😉 But I finally got some free time, and I’ve updated the episode downloads page with all the direct download links for every single episode from Sailor Moon volumes 1-12 including extras 🙂

I’ve also put everything together in a torrent which you may use to download the episodes. I suggest you download using the direct download links if you have time, and once you have everything sorted on your computer, please help me seed the torrent!

A few notes about this release: the filter chain differs than the ones I used for the last couple of volumes of Sailor Moon R, as well as Sailor Moon S through Sailor Stars. This new filter chain helps stabilize the video footage, as well as preserves original details of the video footage. I also got a new VHS player because my old player was sharpening and boosting the contrast of my tapes, sometimes completely washing out the bright scenes, as well as producing halos around the edges.  I will continue using this method for Sailor Moon R, and I may re-release S through Stars as well as release some dub tapes 😀

I’m going to poop out as many of these suckers as I can before the new anime arrives/Sailor Moon is licensed in North America again/TOEI starts hounding us down. Look forward to it!

Sailor Moon Volumes 1-12
Episodes 001-046 including Laserdisc extras
Subtitled: by Studio Chikashitsu
Source: VHS
Video: 640×480 10-bit H264 CRF 21
Audio: AAC VBR 0.4

[Chikashitsu]_Sailor_Moon_-_001_(VHS_10-bit_H264_AAC)_[E8196498].mp4_snapshot_17.40_[2013.06.03_14.21.42] [Chikashitsu]_Sailor_Moon_-_012_(VHS_10-bit_H264_AAC)_[19DC2FC7].mp4_snapshot_18.10_[2013.06.03_14.25.03] [Chikashitsu]_Sailor_Moon_-_028_(VHS_10-bit_H264_AAC)_[56FF8ADA].mp4_snapshot_02.18_[2013.06.03_14.26.19] [Chikashitsu]_Sailor_Moon_-_037_(VHS_10-bit_H264_AAC)_[7F17DF1D].mp4_snapshot_13.59_[2013.06.03_14.28.10] [Chikashitsu]_Sailor_Moon_-_044_(VHS_10-bit_H264_AAC)_[BCD17E40].mp4_snapshot_13.46_[2013.06.03_14.29.04] [Chikashitsu]_Sailor_Moon_-_045_(VHS_10-bit_H264_AAC)_[3DAD3F16].mp4_snapshot_21.31_[2013.06.03_14.30.28]

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Sailor Moon R – new script sneak peek!!

6 hours later, I’ve finished encoding Sailor Moon R Episode 82 with the new script in 10-bit H264 video and AAC audio, it’s really great! 🙂

[VKLL] Sailor Moon R – 082 (10-bit H264 AAC) [98EF2D92].mp4

If you’re having trouble playing the video, if you’re seeing weird pixelation, please un-install previous codecs you have, and in stall the latest CCCP beta from http://www.cccp-project.net/beta/

As always, please leave comments on what you think, and don’t forget to donate to help improve the quality of the VHS rips!

New filter script and codec for Sailor Moon S+

Hi everyone! I’ve been experimenting with a new filter that I’m planning on using for Sailor Moon S and up, and I just want to see if you guys can actually play the video! It’s encoded with 10-bit H264 which means you will need to install the latest beta version of CCCP which can be found at http://www.cccp-project.net/beta/

It’s super high quality, and amazing, but I just want to know what you think of it and if you can play the clip. If you see any huge megapixels, or weird colored pixels, it means you don’t have the required codecs installed properly.

To watch the clip, click here – http://www.mediafire.com/?kz7owd614re68kd