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April Round-up!

April is officially over and it’s now the beginning of May!! And we have finished all of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episodes 167-200. Now I’m working on re-doing Sailor Moon episodes 1-46 in higher quality before moving on the Sailor Moon R 🙂 I’m also working on the Sailor Moon movies subtitled by VKLL, but I have some bad news about that: the tapes I got are second generation VHS tapes, which means the quality isn’t as good as the rest of my tapes and there’s now way I can get my hands on higher quality versions of the fansubs 😦

PS – I might actually re-do Sailor Moon S through Sailor Stars with a new chain of filters and a new VCR (since my last one really boosted the contrast and sharpened the footage) as well as doing some of the dubs!

Anyway, look forward to the upcoming releases!! And don’t forget to donate! A lot of money, time, and effort went into this LOL


Mid-February Update!

It’s not the end of February yet, but it’s been a while since I’ve updated this site, so I figured I’d let y’all in on what we’re up to!

For those of you who follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know that we have updated our main banner! Tell us what you think by participating in our poll on the right sidebar. We’ve also released the entire Sailor Moon S* season for your enjoyment and are currently working on Sailor Moon SuperS, which I think will be complete by the end of the month (we’re about halfway done with the season already) ! Then we will start working on Sailor Stars 😀

As I mentioned in the November 2012 roundup, Studio Chikashitsu and VKLL did not subtitle Sailor Moon R episodes 59-72. Chikashitsu had intentions of completing them, but they disbanded after releasing volume 3, and VKLL had no intentions of subtitling those episodes because they had already been dubbed and put up for distribution by then.  The only groups (that I’m aware of) who subtitled these episodes are Random Masters and Anime Daisuki (I have low quality versions of their releases, if anyone’s interested in them, please comment this post).

Long story short, I have taken it upon myself to personally subtitle these episodes and put them on tape. I’ve currently completed volumes 4 and 6, and am now working on volume 5. They will be up for distribution on fansubs.ca if anyone wants to order the tapes. This is one Studio Chikashitsu’s original distros, with ALL of the Sailor Moon tapes from Studio Chikashitsu and VKLL re-opened for distribution since North America’s license on the series has lapsed.

I think that’s all I have to say about updates for now 🙂 Don’t forget to donate to help keep us going (even if it’s just a few dollars) We’d really appreciate it 😀 And follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to receive more frequent updates!

sailor moon supers tapes sailor stars tapes

*Volumes 5-10 of Sailor Moon S will be replaced once 1st gen SVHS tapes are obtained. The current releases are from 2nd generation VHS tapes and contain some tracking errors and quality issues.

December-January Roundup!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! The site is a bit of a hassle to maintain, but not to worry, episodes are still being encoded! Just check our Facebook and Twitter for updates, and I’ve added a sidebar with the encoding progress for you guys to check. The links on our Episode Downloads page will be updated… eventually ^_^’ sorry about that.

Newest download links will be announced on our Twitter and Facebook, and you can always find all encoded episodes in the Full Directory Listing.

And don’t forget to donate! 🙂 More VHS tapes on the way!