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Below you’ll find a list of my VHS fansubs up for trade. To see my want list, click here. For any inquiries, please email me at

Trading guidelines:

  • Trades will occur at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Please no on-screen displays during playback of tapes.
  • Only premium-grade tapes will be accepted, I use Fuji Master, Fuji A/V Master, and Fuji A/V Pro double-coating whenever possible. You can find them on eBay or Mercari.
  • Hi-Fi VCRs only please. All tapes will be recorded in SP mode.
  • My equipment:
    • JVC HR-S3500U S-VHS (player)
    • Panasonic DMR-ES15 (TBC passthrough)
    • Magnavox DV225MG9 (recorder)
  • All tapes will come with custom labels. VHS cases with fancy custom inserts may be requested for an additional $2.

Grading Scale:
SM = SVHS Master, direct from the fansubber off a LaserDisc or VHS source.
VM = VHS Master, direct from the fansubber off a LaserDisc or VHS source.
EX = Excellent, 1st gen copy off SVHS master with perfect picture and sound quality.
VG = Very good, 1st gen copy off VHS master with perfect picture and sound quality.
GD = Good, 2nd gen copy with some color and clarity loss, may contain some glitches.
OK = Acceptable, 3rd-4th gen copy that’s legible but there’s a great amount of color bleeding, may contain glitches.
PR = Poor, nth gen copy that’s barely watchable, avoid if possible

The Big O1-3GDCtenosaur Video
Card Captor Sakura4-7OK+Studio Hooseki
DNA^211-12GDStudio V
Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure!! Knock Out the New Six Evil KingsMovieGDNu-Gear
Evangelion: Death/RebirthMovieVGBlack Box ProductionsAlways Anime
The End of EvangelionMovieVGBlack Box ProductionsAlways Anime
GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)1-3OKKuroneko Anime
Turn A Gundam1-2OKNYAE
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA1-2OKE. Monsoon Studios
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA3-4OK
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne1-4OKSachi’s Distribution
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne5-8GDSachi’s Distribution
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne9-12GDSachi’s Distribution
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances)5-8GDFushigi Anime
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances)13-16GDSakura AnimeAngel’s Anime Heaven
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances)17-20GD+Sakura AnimeAngel’s Anime Heaven
Lost Universe11-14VGSlow As HELL Anime
Lost Universe15-18VGSlow As HELL Anime
Lupin III: Secret FilesOVAEXNeko CreationsChi Anime
Macross 79-12OKE. Monsoon Studios
Macross 7 (tape damaged)29-32OKE. Monsoon Studios
Macross 737-40OK+E. Monsoon Studios
Macross 745-47OK+E. Monsoon Studios
Maison Ikkoku49-52PRMaison Ikkoku Project
Maison Ikkoku53-56PRThe Ranma Project
Maison Ikkoku57-60GD+Tomodachi Anime
Maison Ikkoku61-64GD+Tomodachi Anime
Maison Ikkoku65-68GD+Tomodachi Anime
Mamotte Shugogetten1-2OKGroupe Virelai
Nuku Nuku TV1-2VGProject Nuku-Nuku
Nuku Nuku TV3-6GDWhite Cross Sub
Sailor Moon1-4EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon5-8EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon9-12EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon13-16EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon17-20EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon21-24EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon25-28EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon29-32EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon31-36EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon37-40EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon41-44EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon45-46EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon R (SVHS)47-50EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon R (SVHS)51-54EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon R (SVHS)55-58EXStudio ChikashitsuGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon R59-62VG-Random Masters
Sailor Moon R63-66VG-Random Masters
Sailor Moon R67-70GD+Anime Daisuki
Sailor Moon R71-74VG-Random Masters
Sailor Moon R73-75VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon R76-78VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon R79-81VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon R82-84VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon R85-89VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon RMovieEXVKLL
Sailor Moon S90-93VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S94-97VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S98-101VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S102-105VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S106-109VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S (SVHS)106-109EXVKLLGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon S110-113VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S (SVHS)110-113EXVKLLGlen A. Pearce
Sailor Moon S114-117VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S118-121VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S122-125VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon S126-127VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SMovieEXVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS128-131VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS132-134VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS135-137VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS138-141VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS142-145VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS146-149VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS150-153VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS154-157VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS158-161VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperS162-166VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperSMovieEXVKLL
Sailor Moon SuperSSpecialsVMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars167-170VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars171-174VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars175-178VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars179-182VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars183-186VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars187-190VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars191-194VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars195-198VMVKLLVKLL
Sailor Stars199-200VMVKLLVKLL
Sentimental Journey1-4EXNaresome StudioSekihou Gumi
To Heart1-3EXSachi’s DistributionSachi’s Distribution
To Heart4-7EXSachi’s DistributionSachi’s Distribution
To Heart8-10EXSachi’s DistributionSachi’s Distribution
To Heart11-13EXSachi’s DistributionAngel’s Anime Heaven
Transformers: Beast Wars II1-3VGCtenosaur Video
Transformers: Beast Wars II7-9VGCtenosaur Video
Utena14-17OKnoAnime Subtitlers
Utena22-25GDnoAnime Subtitlers
Vampire Princess Miyu1-4EXOdyssey AnimeOdyssey Anime
Vampire Princess Miyu5-8EXOdyssey AnimeOdyssey Anime
Vampire Princess Miyu9-12EXOdyssey AnimeOdyssey Anime
Vampire Princess Miyu13-16EXOdyssey AnimeOdyssey Anime
Vampire Princess Miyu17-20EXOdyssey AnimeOdyssey Anime
Vampire Princess Miyu21-23EXOdyssey AnimeOdyssey Anime
Vampire Princess Miyu24-26EXOdyssey AnimeOdyssey Anime
Video Girl Ai1-3OKE. Monsoon Studios
Video Girl Ai4-6OKE. Monsoon Studios
X/1999MovieEXX-Philes Anime
Last updated: January 30, 2023
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