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VHS Fansubs

Internet Archive
great resource dedicated to archiving old web pages and media, current host of my VHS rips

VHS Fansub Collectors
a Subreddit for VHS fansub collectors to show off, buy, sell, and trade tapes

VHS Fansubs Website
trade and want list hosted byDisasterBeast (aka NerdJunkPunk)

Oldtaku Fansub Archive Project
fansub archive project dedicated to preserving fansub tapes from distributors, creators and collectors

Sailor Moon

provides high quality encodes of Sailor Moon episodes, including both region 1 and region 2 DVD rips

Miss Dream
great website where you can find manga scanlations, translation notes, fansubs of the live action series and extras, news on the series, and more!
one of the original anime vhs fansub distros–it’s still up and running and orders can be made

Sailor Moon Uncensored
since 2000, SMU has dedicated their time creating comparisons between the cut English dub and the original Japanese Sailor Moon episodes–great resource for dubbies to see what they’re missing out on 😉
tons of up-to-date news on Sailor Moon, episode guides, shopping guides, and downloads

Moon Prism Power
a Sailor Moon listing, with information on the series (both anime and manga) as well as amazing scans of Japanese laserdisc and DVD covers

The Oracle
the Sailor Moon encyclopedia that contains lots of information on the anime and manga, as well as lots of goodies for fans including tons of images, episode downloads, and games

Sailor Moon Forum
connect with other Sailor Moon fans through one of the largest forums dedicated to the series

Tools and Utilities

one of the best torrenting softwares out there–this program allows you to download all out files through bittorrent

CCCP-Project Beta
highly recommended codec pack that allows you to play our videos


provides thousands upon thousands of torrent links to various anime series

Tokyo Toshokan
most up-to-date listing of torrents on Japanese media releases

Anime Tosho
provides mirrors for most recent anime releases, including our own

a database of all anime ever created and their fansubbers and video release information

complete and convenient overview of unlicensed anime available on BitTorrent

the largest torrent tracker for high quality anime

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