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Sailor Moon licensed once again!

Hi everyone,

I apologize for going MIA for so long… It seems that in my absence, Sailor Moon got licensed in the US again (hooray!!!) and VIZ will be releasing the new series on both DVD and Blu-Ray. In the meantime, you can stream the series with two new episodes every Monday on or on VIZ’s website.

The downside is I must stop this website :-/ So everyone who were able to download my encodes before, congratulations! Unfortunately I was not able to complete my new encodes of Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Moon S like I was planning to.

For anyone who still wants to own the VHS tapes, visit and I think Glen will have those tapes up at least for a little while for the time being.

Feel free to reach me at for anything. I don’t check that e-mail address very often but I’ll reply eventually 😉