Video Playback

In order to play the video files, you will need the proper codecs. You will need to uninstall all previous codecs you have in your system and then download and install the Combined Community Codec Pack Beta (CCCP Beta) which comes with all the codecs you need to play anything you can download on the internet, as well as Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, one of the best players out there.
If you are running a Mac, we suggest you use MPlayer OSX Extended or VLC Media Player, both of which are self-contained video players with full codec support, capable of playing anything without a codec pack like CCCP.


You will need a BitTorrent client in order to download and upload Sailor Moon episodes through our torrents. uTorrent is highly recommended. For more detail on what torrents are and how to use them, feel free to read uTorrent’s Beginner’s Guide.

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