Sailor Moon Fansub Internet Archive Digitization Project Complete

I’ve completely digitized the entire Sailor Moon series VHS fansubs onto the Internet Archive, and the tapes are available for stream and download here. If you notice any glitches in the captures, please let me know by emailing me at so I can re-capture those portions. I also have the TV edit versions of Sailor Moon S and SuperS up on my Internet Archive page.

I’m looking to upgrade my tapes though, I’m looking for SVHS tapes of the series from any fansub group and/or VHS tapes ordered from VKLL, and any tapes from other fansub groups. I saw some on eBay before that appeared to be subtitled by Arctic Animation or Panda Corp that intrigued me, and I missed my opportunity to purchase those. Also looking for the Sailor Moon R volume subtitled by Random Masters that’s missing from my collection.

My next project after this is digitizing the Ranma 1/2 English subtitled VHS tapes from Viz Media. The reason I’m doing this is because back in the day, when I’d visit Sailor Moon Center to download Sailor Moon episodes, they’d also had Ranma 1/2 available for download, which is what got me interested in fansubbing all those years ago. I have all the volumes up to the 5th season “Martial Mayhem” so if anyone has the rest of the tapes I need, please email me.


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