April Round-up!

April is officially over and it’s now the beginning of May!! And we have finished all of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episodes 167-200. Now I’m working on re-doing Sailor Moon episodes 1-46 in higher quality before moving on the Sailor Moon R 🙂 I’m also working on the Sailor Moon movies subtitled by VKLL, but I have some bad news about that: the tapes I got are second generation VHS tapes, which means the quality isn’t as good as the rest of my tapes and there’s now way I can get my hands on higher quality versions of the fansubs 😦

PS – I might actually re-do Sailor Moon S through Sailor Stars with a new chain of filters and a new VCR (since my last one really boosted the contrast and sharpened the footage) as well as doing some of the dubs!

Anyway, look forward to the upcoming releases!! And don’t forget to donate! A lot of money, time, and effort went into this LOL


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