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December-January Roundup!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! The site is a bit of a hassle to maintain, but not to worry, episodes are still being encoded! Just check our Facebook and Twitter for updates, and I’ve added a sidebar with the encoding progress for you guys to check. The links on our Episode Downloads page will be updated… eventually ^_^’ sorry about that.

Newest download links will be announced on our Twitter and Facebook, and you can always find all encoded episodes in the Full Directory Listing.

And don’t forget to donate! 🙂 More VHS tapes on the way!

New filter script and codec for Sailor Moon S+

Hi everyone! I’ve been experimenting with a new filter that I’m planning on using for Sailor Moon S and up, and I just want to see if you guys can actually play the video! It’s encoded with 10-bit H264 which means you will need to install the latest beta version of CCCP which can be found at http://www.cccp-project.net/beta/

It’s super high quality, and amazing, but I just want to know what you think of it and if you can play the clip. If you see any huge megapixels, or weird colored pixels, it means you don’t have the required codecs installed properly.

To watch the clip, click here – http://www.mediafire.com/?kz7owd614re68kd

Donations NEEDED! S-VHS Player with TBC Required

Hi everyone,

I would just like to take the time now to emphasize how important donations are right now. I have recently received tapes for Sailor Moon R volume 7 through Sailor Moon SuperS volume 10 (Specials included)! That’s the exciting good news 🙂

The bad news is, there is time base error in some of these tapes. What this basically means is, some of the videos have wave-like horizontal jitters like this:

I know, gross. The only way to fix this is if I use a VCR with a time base corrector. However, these are pretty expensive and I just don’t have the money to afford one 😦 It costs about $200 and I really want to get high quality releases out to you, so any little donation would be really appreciated–even if it’s just $10! If every one of you who visits this site donated about $5 or $10 each, that would be enough for a new VCR 😀 And enough money for me to give high quality VHS rips of Sailor Moon fansubs to you guys like this:


Of course, if any of you actually has a VCR with TBC, I would be happy to take that as a donation as well! Models that I am looking for are listed below:

  • GoVideo SDV-650 – JVC HR-S9800U rebadge
  • JVC HR-S7500U
  • JVC HR-S7600U
  • JVC HR-S7800U
  • JVC HR-S7900U
  • JVC HR-S9500U
  • JVC HR-S9600U
  • JVC HR-S9800U
  • JVC HR-S9900U
  • JVC HR-S9911U
  • Panasonic AG-5710
  • Panasonic AG-7650
  • Panasonic AG-1970P / AG-1970
  • Panasonic AG-1980P / AG-1980

Help a Moonie out! 😀 Or in the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will (not punish you but will be) very displeased!